Laser Therapy

_MG_9344Cold laser treatment (also called Low Level Laser Treatment or LLLT) includes using light (a particular wavelength and frequency) to stimulate the body’s cells and trigger them to increase the rate of recovery. The healing use of lasers (LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Discharge of Radiation) is not a new concept; they have been used to promote healing as early as 1967.

The term “cold laser” refers to the certain wavelength of light utilized, which is typically in the 630 nm to 980 nm ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum. Low-level laser treatment has shown to minimize inflammation and increase the body’s own recovery mechanisms.

In chiropractic practice, cold laser therapy has proven  to be efficient in dealing with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, carpal passage disorder, and bursitis. The use of laser therapy can increase the healing of connective tissue conditions such as strains, tendinitis and strains, and has actually shown effective in minimizing or managing persistent or acute discomfort in the neck, thoracic regions or lower back. Lasers are also used to properly manage muscle injuries or bruises, and neurological injuries such_MG_9418 as herniated or burst discs. Chiropractic specialists also generally use laser treatment to enhance the patient’s range of motion, and to build or enhance the strength of broken muscle tissue. In many cases using cold laser therapy has actually cut recovery time following an injury in half.

The results are positively regarded by clients, and laser treatment can be made use of immediately after an injury. Cold laser therapy has been studied in over 3000 medical trials, with proven clinical results.

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