Dr. Chris Cembalisty is a 1996 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, National Board Certified, and Colorado State Board Certified to practice Chiropractic. Dr. Cembalisty is also Colorado Certified to practice Acupuncture.

Dr. Chris has been practicing in the Grand Junction area since 1997. He established the Chiropractic Family Health Center in 1998.

Dr. Chris believes in keeping it simple and getting the patient well. He believes every patient of any age will present with their own unique problem and that problem has created a pattern that needs to be resolved. Patients may present with the same problems, but no two patients are alike. Dr. Chris does not believe in giving the same canned, scripted treatment plan to each patient. Each patient’s treatment reflects the patient’s needs to establish their goal.

Dr. Cembalisty believes “It’s All About Your Health” and no two patients are alike. That is why he provides a Diversified Chiropractic approach to the patient’s treatment. Together, the patient and Dr. Chris will find the best Chiropractic Technique to suit their needs and get the job done. Dr. Chris can use a hands on approach using the Palmer techniques, including Diversified Technique, Thompson Drop Technique, Gonstead Method, Activator Method and other adjusting techniques. As well as offering a wide range of equipment for treatment, including an intersegmentle traction table, soft tissue modalities.

receptionHere at the Chiropractic Family Health Center it is about the patient’s health and getting them well. We don’t believe in excessive treatment plans, gimmicks or scare tactics when it comes to getting a patient well.

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